About JWings: Jewish Singles Travel



Marcie Rubenstein, Founder, Chief Organizer and Tour Leader of JWings

1980’s                         BA, MA – Political Science

2006                            AEC – Tourism and Travel

1970’s – Forever       PHD – World travel and adventure

Marcie was born in Montreal, Canada and graduated from Concordia University, with a BA and MA in Political Science. She has worked in planning, finance and management and organized trips to Israel for Jewish Community associations in Ottawa and Montreal. Since her early twenty’s, Marcie has been designing group trip itineraries for friends and colleagues. Several years ago, she had the opportunity to take an intensive program in travel and tourism. She has worked at a travel agency, specializing in customized vacations to Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Her most recent position has been as a tour coordinator for a national wine company. Marcie has developed and organized exclusive group tours to wineries in North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Along with planning winery visits and tour itineraries, she was responsible for arranging all travel logistics and accompanying the groups as the tour leader. She has now also become the official Sommelier for her friends and family!

Traveling has always been my passion and ‘beshert’! I have traveled to over 100 destinations and can’t wait to show you what I have seen. The opportunity to discover diverse cultures and traditions, explore the historical, natural and exotic wonders of the world, sample different cuisines and wines and meet fascinating people, are life’s ultimate experiences and education.

After traveling on several Jewish singles trips, I realized that I wanted to establish my own Jewish singles travel group. My experience in the travel industry, combined with the conviction that the most exciting and rewarding job in the world would be to plan and lead Jewish singles trips, has resulted in the launching of JWings.


JWings is a travel group for Jewish singles, between the ages of 35-ish and 55-ish. Membership Requirements: A love of travel, a thirst for adventure and the desire to meet other dynamic and fun Jewish singles.


JWings is busy planning Jewish singles trips to everywhere…but the Moon. Our tours will include visits to sites of Jewish interest and history. Whenever possible, we will also organize get-togethers with members of Jewish communities in our travel regions.


Winter, spring, summer, fall and any season in between, are all perfect times to take a Jewish singles group vacation.


It was so easy when we were ’20 something’ – we grabbed some friends, bought a train pass and an open-return plane ticket, threw some clothes into a backpack…and off we went. Now we are a little older, with more obligations and responsibilities and a lot less time to plan a trip. Our friends travel, but we can’t always coordinate our vacation plans and travelling solo can get pretty lonely. That is why a Jewish singles travel group like JWings, is so convenient and user-friendly. We take care of the planning. All you have to do is book your plane ticket and join a great group of other Jewish singles, on an adventure of a lifetime…Easy, fun, an opportunity to make new friends and have memories that will last forever.